Canadian Association of Professional Background Screeners


President: Dannie Wilson

Vice President: Guy Parent

Secretary/Treasurer: Marci Wilson

Director at Large: Fred Dehmel


Board of Directors:

Lori Williams

Trish Dehmel

Emma Goerzen

Association Address:
390 Kingsview Drive,
Bolton, ON L7E 3Z1


Join Our Association

The Benefits of becoming a CAPBS Member are...

1.    Members will receive a Membership Certificate suitable for framing.
Members will receive an invitation to attend the annual meeting.
3.         Members will receive notification of all membership meetings and updates  
       through regular memorandum, newsletters and correspondence.
4.        Members will be allowed access to all resources made available to CAPBS. 5.         Members will be provided discounts to symposiums, seminars and workshops  
       and will share in Group Discount rate opportunities where CAPBS develops on 
       behalf of its membership.
6.         Members will benefit from Lobbying efforts made on the industry’s behalf and 
       reward in all that CAPBS endeavours while acting on behalf of the Background 
       Screening industry and its’ Members.
7.         The CAPBS Logo will be made available to Members in good standing to add to 
       their corporate Website, as well as brochures, in recognition of loyal 
8.        CAPBS provides an All-Canadian venue and content and, an opportunity to 
       network with like Professionals having similar interests.

The Responsibilities of CAPBS Members are...

1.     All CAPBS Members will be required to adhere to the Bylaws, Privacy Policy and Code of Ethics as set forth.

2.     All CAPBS Members will be responsible for ensuring payment of Annual Membership Dues in a timely fashion. 

If you are interested in joining our association, please read the membership criteria and fill out the form below.


  • Must be in the business of Background Screening (described as providing employment screening services to end users further described as employers or organizations, who rely on employment making decision as a result of the information Background Screening agencies provide as a full time service)
  • Only two (2) members per agency may apply to become considered a Voting Member of which may be an Owner and OR a designated Employee of the Registered Business
  •  A one time copy of the Company’s Articles of Incorporation Papers will be required to be provided
  • Criteria will require that the Voting Member Agency must have a current MOU with a Police Service. 
  • A letter from the Business Owner authorizing the employee with Voting Rights will be required in order to preserve and represent that company with voting privileges on CAPBS matters.   

COST OF FIRST YEAR VOTING MEMBERSHIP - $500 per person (maximum 2 voting members per company)
SUBSEQUENT RENWALS - $350 per person per year



Associate Member (Non-Voting Member)

  • Employee(s) of a business that perform background screening functions and or who engage Background Screening Service Agencies such as: HR Managers, Law Enforcement, Fingerprint Services, Security or Safety Personnel, those hiring in the Vulnerable Sector, employees of Background Screening Companies in addition to the 2 Voting Members and all those having a vested interest in the personnel screening industry.
  • Unlimited members per agency may apply to become considered Non-Voting Members
  • Individuals within the same Company to whom Voting Privileges have already been granted to 2 persons.
  • No Incorporation Papers and/or have 2 members within the same Company to whom Voting Privileges have already been granted.
  • Does not require Articles of Incorporation or MOU   

 Resource Members (Non-Voting Members):

  • Vendors and Providers to CAPBS and Industry Members – Such as: providers of Electronics, Computers, Teachers and Students in Criminal Justice Studies and related College and University programs, where interests in providing service or the subject of Security and Investigation interact with the interests of CAPBS.
  • Does not required Articles of Incorporation or MOU   

 COST OF FIRST YEAR NON-VOTING MEMBERSHIP - $350.00 per person (no limit on non voting members)
SUBSEQUENT RENEWALS - $250 per person per year

CAPBS Membership Application Form

This initial inquiry allows us to know that you are interested in CAPBS Membership.  We will contact you shortly with a full application process and payment options.

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